Woman Says’ ‘Hello’ To Raven, Last Thing People Expect Is For Bird To Sound Human


The animal kingdom is filled with amazing creatures that can do astonishing things, from chameleons changing their color to match their environment to birds that fly thousands of miles every year to roost in the same spot without GPS or a map.

Oftentimes perceived as a dark and sinister animal, the raven shockingly can act as a fairly tame pet. Surprisingly, ravens are some of the smartest animals. In this video, Mischief the white-necked raven demonstrates some of the neat tricks he can do. This particular bird is found in eastern and southern Africa and cohabitates with humans. Oddly, ravens will engage in a crazy behavior when in the wild that is called anting. It’s where they roll around on anthills, then allow the ants to crawl all over their bodies. But then they chew up the ants, eating some and rubbing the rest in their feathers. Scientists have no clue why they do this.

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