WHO Recommends To Insult Random People On The Internet To Improve Your Self-esteem


Insulting random people on the Internet will improve your self-esteem. This is the conclusion of the last paper by the World Health Organization, presented this morning in Brussels. The entity recommends to denigrate publicly to random people two o three times in a day, using social networks.

The report also certifies that your self-perception will improve substantially if the insults are targeted to a person of known prestige or people who have reached fame and an enviable economic status. “Attacking people who are perceived as victors, talented or deserving of public admiration will work to vent the frustration of those who have inferiority complexes”, confirms the WHO.

Additionally, the organization describes as “ideal” the insults that rely on grammar mistakes.

In this way, insulting Justin Bieber on Twitter and calling him talentless or useless may compensate years of personal dissatisfaction produced by the incapability of dealing with failures or self-limitations. Furthermore, it will generate the sensation of “putting him in his place”.

For those who don’t have the guts to question to the person they want to insult, the OMS recommends to start with small insinuations and hints.

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