Toddler Keeps Stealing Prince Harry’s Popcorn. His Response Will Melt Your Heart


A thief has been caught stealing from a member of the royal family, but we don’t think this one is going to be locked up anytime soon.

Prince Harry has been in Toronto for the Invictus Games and it was as he was watching a volleyball match Wednesday that this adorable act of treason occurred.

Harry was enjoying some popcorn as he took turns watching the match and chatting with the man beside him. Whenever he turned away, though, adorable 2-year-old Emily Henson would take the opportunity to swipe some popcorn for herself.
When Harry finally caught her in the act, his reaction was priceless and reminded us all why this prince has stolen our hearts.

Harry teasingly pulled the popcorn away and refused to give Emily anymore, pretending to shovel it all into his mouth.

That was just for laughs, of course. Soon Harry was feeding Emily the popcorn himself. It’s not stealing if the prince gives it to you, right?

Harry then went on to entertain Emily, making her – and everyone else watching – giggle as he made funny faces and joked around.
The adorable tot is the daughter of former Invictus competitor and Paralympian David Henson and his wife, Hayley. David is a former Royal Engineer who lost both of his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

David captained the first U.K. Invictus Games Team in London in 2014 and was so successful that he ended up competing in the 2016 Paralympics as a “blade runner,” winning bronze.

The family has since become good friends with the prince.

Harry has made no secret of his love for kids. When asked if he wanted some of his own one day, the prince replied, “Of course, I’d love to have kids.”

He certainly has enough practice! Besides being uncle to brother William’s children, George and Charlotte (and one on the way), Harry is godfather to six of his friends’ kids. He said he would “like to think” he does a good job as a godfather.

“I think the key to that is to be able to grow up, but also be able to stay in touch with your childhood side,” he said.

Watch Harry and Emily’s entire adorable reaction by clicking below:

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