Tired Of Having To Defrost All Your Ground Beef At Once? This Simple Trick Changes Everything


Who doesn’t like to save a few dollars? Especially nowadays, when every penny counts. And if it only takes a few minutes of your time, and makes life easier? A no-brainer! Buying ground beef in those large packages saves money – the only drawback? If you toss it in the freezer as is, it’s impossible to divvy into separate meals later – leaving you having to defrost the ENTIRE package at once. For this reason, some of us have tried repackaging the meat into smaller portions using sandwich bags, but it can be a bit time consuming (and you run the risk of losing one or two packs in the back of the freezer).

Well, here’s a simple and clever trick that will have you grabbing for the biggest (most economical) packages of ground meat at your grocer. By following these super easy steps you will save space in your freezer, have perfectly proportioned amounts, cut your defrosting time drastically, and have all your meat in one easy to find bag. Seriously, this will change your thoughts on buying and storing this classic cooking staple!

In the video, the woman takes you through the process in a way that will have you saying – why didn’t I think of that? All it takes are a few simple items from around your kitchen like a large plastic bag, rolling pin, and a chopstick (or knife). For the full demonstration, be sure to watch the video below!

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