Stunning UFO Footage Leaves Witnesses Baffled In New Zealand


A UFO enthusiast has captured strange footage of an orange blazing trail in the sky, in New Zealand, Manurewa on July 31, 2017. (scroll down for full video)

The mysterious orange two-tailed blaze can be seen gliding through the sky, looking as if it is descending and changing direction slightly:

The YouTube user “UFO – Fan” claims:

“This [is] the 12th time that I had recorded this UFO in the last 12 weeks!!

“This UFO was still available in the sky on the 31/07/2017 and I am looking forward for the next cloudless day to record it.

“For those who adamantly think this an aircraft should come to Manurewa, NZ and look at this object”

Watch the ORIGINAL footage here:

The fascinating video caught the attention of larger UFO/Paranormal researchers Blake and Brett Cousins who run the YouTube channel “thirdphaseofthemoon“.

In a 45-minute podcast, the theorists discussed what they thought the orange blaze could be:

They speculate:

“I’m looking at it and whatever this is – if this is some pilot doing some kind of erratic manoeuvre – he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the sky.

“What is the reason behind this? This could be some sort of extra-terrestrial craft – a massive one – doing some out of this world kind of manoeuvres over New Zealand.

“Or this is some kind of conventional aircraft doing dangerous manoeuvres.”

Skeptics posted their thoughts and observations on the video, one person writes: “This is an airplane with contrail on high altitude wind illuminated by sun”.

Another added: “It’s a matter of point of view. The plane changes direction and start coming to the camera. But watching in 2D it seems to be going up.”

Then someone speculates: “Looks like plasma which is a conductor of electricity. Common in areas of volcanic and earthquake activity. Someone come teach these people some real science”

“thirdphaseofthemoon” asked, “is it an airplane on fire? Well we didn’t hear about it on major news and i’m pretty sure the major media is not gonna be talking about this.”

UFO footage similar to this gets uploaded by witnesses surprisingly frequently and the strange thing is that no one deeply investigates or provides any answers to these mysteries, and often fail to receive mainstream attention.

Objects similar to this orange blaze do not resemble any obvious aircraft trails and it would be extremely strange and suspicious if the trails were left by some kind of test missile as government officials have sometimes claimed in the past—but why would missiles be tested right above the heads of everyday citizens?


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