Street Musician Begins To Play Mind Boggling Flamenco, Moments Later People Flock To Tip Him


A humble street performer’s wealth of talent quickly caught everyone’s attention as he began strumming his guitar. His name is Mariusz Goli, and his passion is music. He sat in a place where his music could be enjoyed by the crowd, and although many people were too shy to stay for a full-blown impromptu concert, the music surely left a lasting impression. Passersby had no choice but to stop for a moment and tip him for the incredible performance they were witnessing. Every moment they were willing to stay and listen will never be forgotten.

It’s not every day that you can walk in the public streets and enjoy live music. When strangers were simply going about their busy days and walking past the storefronts, they were caught off guard by the talent that flowed from his fingertips. Performing seemed so natural for Mariusz, so it didn’t matter whether he was on stage performing in front of thousands, or seated quietly on the streets, what was important is that he was willing to share his love for music with the world. He could have never known in the moment he sat there playing his guitar that the recording would later reach millions all across the globe.

Mariusz has an exceptional talent for the guitar, and paired with his down-to-earth personality, all those millions of viewers watch with complete and utter fascination. The beautiful music he produced is enough to have you wanting to listen all day long. Watch for yourself as Mariusz takes it away in his amazing performance below.

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