Man Lost His Entire Family For Exiting The WhatsApp Group “Family”


Paul Jones lost contact permanently and irrevocably with his wife, his three children and his tree grandchildren after he took the drastic decision of exiting the WhatsApp group “Family”, where his family and intimates, including several cousins, uncles and grandparents, share life experiences and reinforce family ties. Jones renounced in a flash to the affection of his loved ones, only stating that “my phone gets instantly full with so many videos they send”.

Throughout the day, this WhatsApp user has slowly become aware of the consequences of his exit. “I went to my house for lunch, and they house keys weren’t working. Instinctively, I went to the WhatsApp group to ask what was wrong with the door, but of course, there was no group anymore, and apparently, that was no longer my home either”, confesses the man. “No one answers the phone, I’ve lost them all”, he says.

“He will leave the family, he will lose custody of his younger daughter and also a part of his heritage”, explained the lawyer of the family, which happens to be the cousin of his wife and therefore, he’s in the group “Family”. “You have to be stupid to do something like that. You could have just muted it without them noticing”, added the lawyer.

Although he affirms to feel “devastated and alone”, this 53-year old man confesses that he feels a little good because “now I won’t receive 9GAG memes from my cousin Alex”.

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