Little Girl Asks Question, Dad Hits Record On Camera And Captured Footage Goes Viral


Some people are just born funny. They can make others smile with their quick witted comebacks, cause deep belly laughs with a mere facial expression, and draw giggles from onlookers with their goofy mannerisms.
The LaBrant family (Cole, Savannah, and 4-year-old Everleigh) falls directly into this “comical category” – gaining millions of online followers with their hilarious snapshots, dances, and videos. These three musketeers are quite well-known on social media not only for their good looks (although they could stop there), but for their laugh-out-loud comedic performances!

This comical video begins with Cole and his daughter casually glancing around, as they’re sitting together in the car. Everleigh turns to her father and asks, “Hey Dad – want to listen to the radio?” Cole shrugs and responds, “Sure” as he reaches to turn on the tunes.
And then, it all begins…
Prepare yourself, as this daddy/daughter duo’s “rock out music jam session” is about to take you on a wild, side-aching ride!

No sooner the music comes on, the screen is instantly overtaken by everything pink – boas, clothing, and accessories, oh my!
This pink, pig-tailed team (oh yes, Cole as well) immediately jumps into performance mode, as they excitedly lip sync along with Taylor Swift. No other backup singer stands a chance against these well-practiced hand movements, exaggerated dance moves, and over-the-top hot pink ensembles!
And then, as quickly as the “pretty in pink” performance began, it’s on to a different style of music! Like magic, Cole and Everleigh are suddenly dressed in black and white, and sporting black handkerchiefs tied around their heads – as they nod along with the next song.

This adorably entertaining “ride” takes you through a variety of music, each mini segment as funny as the last!
And the outfits – oh, the impressive and expressive outfits! From spiked wigs and black lipstick…to colorful maracas and ponchos…to plaid shirts and cowboy hats – this talented team pulls out ALL the lip syncing stops.
This must-see musical show is guaranteed to have you laughing-out-loud, and certain to leave you craving more LaBrant family funny skits!

Watch the viral video below to see their laugh-out-loud car ride performance!

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