Husband loses wife in car accident. Then looks at engagement pic and it hits him


When Rafael del Col lost his wife Tatiane Valques in a car accident, he was understandably distraught, the Daily Mail reported. Not only had the Brazilian man lost a friend and confidant when Tatiane died, he also lost the mother of his child, Raisa. The creative single dad decided to honor his deceased wife’s memory by recreating photos from happier times when he and she were about to get married.

Rafael had his 3-year-old daughter Raisa stand in for her mother in the photos. Raisa, who has a big smile and dark hair, just like her mom, wears outfits similar to those her mom wore in the pictures and Rafael does the same. Rafael and Raisa even make the same poses Tatiane and and Rafael did in the original photos.

It has been 10 years since Tatiane died and, it’s interesting to see the difference a decade makes. In the original photos, Rafael was the youthful looking one. Now, he looks more mature and Raisa is the one who adds a youthful glow to their photos.

The photos with Raisa are just one of the ways Rafael is handling his grief. According to the Daily Mail, he also started a blog. On the blog he talked about what it was like to be a widower and single dad.

He said, according to the Daily Mail that a decade later, he’s still adjusting to living without Tatiane. “Now, thank God, things are adjusting slowly, my daughter is well, and is growing, developing normally,” he wrote according to the Daily Mail. “But beside my responsibilities with my princess, I need to deal with feelings of grief, and the loss of my partner with whom I lived for 10 wonderful years.”

Watch the video of Rafael and Raisa prepare for their photo shoots below.

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