How to Create a Dry Creek Bed Garden



Living in an arid aria can be quite unpleasant, especially if you like gardening and want to set up your own garden. Dry creek bed gardens are perfect for places that have a more arid climate and they can bring beauty to even the most deserted areas. Gardens of this type are easy to maintain and these plants don’t require a lot of pampering, since they prefer the heat and dryness from the air. Don’t forget to share this idea with your friends who live in arid areas too. Find our step-by-step instructions in the next page…




Step 1. After determining the size and shape of the dry stream bed, excavate 10-12 inches of soil. This can be done with a shovel.

Step 2. Tamp the ground firm to create a flat surface with angled sides. Then place landscape fabric over the entire surface, including the angled sides, to prevent weeds from popping through.

Step 3. Cover the bottom and the sloping sides of the stream bed with 1/2 inch of crushed pea gravel. The sharp edges of the gravel will keep it from migrating when it rains or when someone walks on it.

Step 4. For a natural look, add river rock along the edges of the dry steam bed. Use various sizes, from 2 to 8 inches in length.

Step 5. Position four large flat-top rocks so they can support a flagstone bridge. Anchor the rocks in place with cement so they won’t move with freezing and thawing.

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