He Pretends To Eat The Cats Food — But JUST WAIT Till You See How The Cat Responds


We all know too well how funny cats can be, sometimes they have that air of arrogance about them that just makes you love them even more, well this video that you can find at the foot of the article is just a perfect example of that! (H/T Hi Homer)

Well, this owner thought that he would see if his trusty cat was up for sharing his dinner… I mean they have been friends for years so sharing is caring right?

Seems like maybe not “These are MY noms!” If cats could talk, we are pretty damn sure that’s what this pretty kitty would be mumbling while chowing down on his dinner.

I think actually he does a pretty great job communicating this actually.

You can watch the video below and the rule is if you laugh you share. we sure did so enjoy!

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