He Opened His Door For A Homeless Poodle, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog’s Matted Fur.


We’ve all no doubt seen some amazing animal transformations in our time, but not many surely compare to this one.

A poodle by the name of Dolly was found in the streets and had been homeless for quite some time. When the fantastic ‘Hope For Paws’ charity found her, she
wasn’t in the best of states. Her fur was severely matted and the rescuers even struggled to tell the poor pooches gender at first.

Dolly was visibly frightened and would bark and growl when she was approached, but finally, they gained her trust.

They then took her back to the rescue centre to clean her up, and the transformation is absolutely incredible.

If you looked at the before and after pictures you would struggle to believe it was the same dog. Be warned, you may need to have some tissues at hand when watching this one. You can watch the amazing video below and if you enjoyed it please share it with your friends.

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