Chinese Engineer Marries SEX ROBOT He Built After “failing To Find A Girlfriend”


Zheng Jiajia is hoping to update his ‘wife’ Yingying so she can help with chores around the house.

An engineer has ‘married’ a sex robot he built with his own hands in a bizarre love story that has the makings of a cheesy film.

Footage shows Zheng Jiajia carrying his ‘wife’ Yingying everywhere they go together, as the bot is unable to walk or even move on its own.

The 31-year-old programmed the doll so that it is able to communicate with him using basic words, but he is hoping to update it so that it can walk and help with chores around the house.

His friends claimed that he built the robot because he was unable to find a human girlfriend.

Zheng, from Hangzhou, China, is seen in video carrying the robot to their simple ‘wedding ceremony’.

He wore a black suit without a tie and the sex bot had a traditional red scarf draped over her head.

His mum and friends attended the ‘wedding’, local media reported.

Zheng graduated from Zhejiang University with a masters degree in artificial intelligence.

He worked for a company before starting his own business.

Zheng’s robot is rather primitive compared to other sex machines which have been commercially produced and sell for thousands of pounds.

Earlier this year the first Western sex doll brothel opened in Barcelona.


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