Bikers Exploring Desert Spot Lost Thirsty Dog. Make 1 Phone Call & Discover Scary Truth


Not all the dogs that you find in animal shelters are actually homeless street dogs. Some of them are just plain lost, and they haven’t been reunited with their owner just yet. Usually these dogs are caught by the local dog catcher, but sometimes lost dogs can be found in the strangest places – like the middle of nowhere!

Southern California vlogger “Vroom Vroom Dana” and his social media gal pal from “A Girl and Her Bike” were quite surprised when they discovered a scruffy-looking doggy in a very remote part of the desert. They were on their dirt bikes enjoying a late afternoon joyride when they first discovered the pup. Where in the world did this cute little nugget come from?

At the start of the video below, we can hear Dana say “come here” in a high-pitched voice. The skittish pup barks a firm “no” and suddenly sprints off into the desert bush.

Dana throws up his hands in exasperation, and it quickly becomes apparent that he spent a lot of time off camera trying to gain the doggy’s trust.

However, this is when the real adventure begins – the two friends jump on their bikes and race after their fast-moving quarry. Luckily, they’re already well equipped – after all, moving at lightning speed on rough trails is the whole point of dirt biking! Dana was also sporting a helmet camera, so the exciting chase was captured on film for all to see.

As the chase begins, Dana can be heard screaming at the top of his lungs, but his tone of voice is rather cheeky:

“Come here puppy! Puppy! I just want to help you!”

Dana’s female companion can also be heard making a few quips about how she feels so sorry for the puppy. Awww, poor little thing!

Thankfully, the duo were able to catch up to the scared dog. They could see that he had a collar and ID tags, but the poor condition of his fur indicated he had been lost in the desert for quite a while. When Dana’s lady friend reached for the dog’s name tag, she discovered that this furry runaway was named Max.

Unfortunately, that’s when the two friends realized the sun was quickly dipping below the horizon. Even if they rode their bikes at high speed, their truck was still at least 45-minutes away. What should they do?

They made the fateful decision to tie the pooch to a tree, and try to get to their truck before dark. The plan was to come back for Max and see if they could reunite him with his owner. Did they make it?

Watch this video to see how the rest of this incredible doggy rescue unfolds.

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