97-Year-Old Petrified As Vicious Dogs Surround Her, Then An Unexpected Hero Jumps Into Action


Just three short years of a century old, Sophie Thomas was in the most terrifying situation of her whole lifetime. In the comfort of her own backyard, she was in her garden and enjoying the day. Spending her time in a familiar place in the fresh outdoors seemed like a good idea, but she could have never known what dangers were just around the corner. To Sophie’s heart-racing surprise, not just one, but four pit bulls were racing her direction and ready to show aggression. Sophie had no time to prepare for this and nothing but her own strength to fight back.

She recounted the horrible situation in these words, “All of a sudden these four pit bulls came marching in, and they surrounded me. They kept going around and around. One of them lunged for me…” This is a 97 year old woman with little energy, completely outnumbered. The four dogs happened to escape out of the neighbor’s window. The neighbor’s son accidentally left his window open, allowing the dogs to wander out of the house and get into trouble. Sophie thought she was all alone trying to fight off the scary neighbor dogs, but there was someone near, and very unlikely just waiting to step in just when she needed it most. After she had already tried very hard to keep the dogs away from her, the dogs were relentless. One came up, and as soon as she got it away, the next dog came her way. Just then, the smallest little helper made its way to Sophie’s side.

To Sophie’s astonishment, and total relief, her pet cat named Tiger was watching the whole situation. When Sophie was able to get one of the dogs away, it was Tiger’s perfect chance to step in. The way Tiger was able to pull off the ultimate save is absolutely amazing. This heroic little cat made fame by the way he was able to help out. Watch the way Sophie recounts the scene in this shocking video below.

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