7 Great Herbs To Help You Fight Arthritis & Joint Pain


Arthritis is a way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. It is very common and it can affect your everyday life. Finding the right remedy takes time, and it is not always in the pharmacy. There are also excellent natural solutions such as herbs and proper diet that will help you relieve arthritis symptoms and even treat the condition.

1.Aloe Vera

This plant should be the first choice of every person who suffers from arthritis. Aloe Vera is loaded with nutrients which make it an excellent remedy for small skin abrasions as well as arthritis. Apply aloe Vera gel directly on the affected area to relieve the pain.


Turmeric contains lots of antioxidants which are very beneficial for treating arthritis. It can also be very helpful in reducing joint swelling and stiffness. In fact, 1200mg of turmeric works just the same as 300ml of phenylbutazone when used to treat arthritis. It works best when consumed orally.


This herbal extract can also relieve pain due to arthritis because of the potent antioxidant properties. It does not cause any side effects and it works by regulating the blood flow to the areas that are affected by the inflammation.


This herb has been used for centuries as a remedy for swelling and pain. Studies have shown that ginger contains enzymes that have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

5.Willow bark

Willow bark has been used more than 2500 years by the Chinese to relieve fever and pain. It was also used as a remedy for muscle pain, headaches and rheumatism. It can be used as a supplement or you can make willow bark tea to relieve joint pain and osteoarthritis.

6.Green tea

Green tea has already been proven to be an excellent natural remedy for various health issues including arthritis. It also has antioxidants that can reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis as well as strengthen the bones and joints. This is due to the chemicals it contains that destroys the enzyme causing the cartilage damage.


Arthritis has also been treated using tropical eucalyptus leaves because it is rich in tannins which reduce the pain and swelling caused by this health condition.

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