The 21 Cheapest Summer Vacation Destinations In 2017 With Great Weather


From the Philippines to Georgia, the current year’s rundown of best budget tourists’ destinations highlights fascinating travelling ideas. All of these places are endorsed by travelling enthusiasts. While some of these countries have made their place in the list due to unpredictable currency rates (Australia, we’re quite disappointed), others like Kyrgyzstan are less visited.

With this list, each location is worth every dollar spent. Time to start traveling!

Most tourists visit Vietnam but miss out on travelling to the north of it where you can find amazing scenery, with rice terraces and mountains as far as the eye can see!

Kyrgyzstan has rich culture, history that goes back a thousand years, and it’s covered by mountains in 93% of its terrain. One of the most underrated tourist destinations that more people should go to this year.

Lisbon is a place with lots of history as evident by its many museums and to balance it out it has an eclectic nightlife scene. With tons of character and a lesser hit on your wallet than other European cities, it is a prime destination for tourists.

Seoul is a city with high tech infrastructure and low food prices which makes it a good spot to travel. Check it out if you want to go somewhere East.

Architecture from centuries ago still stands tall in Bucharest with lots of museums, cemeteries, and historical sites for tourists to travel to. Good food in Bucharest is very cheap, so that’s an added plus!

If you’re going to South Africa a good place to go for a day trip is Cape Point. At just $35 you can enjoy a wonderful drive in and out of Cape Point. Cape Point is one of the most South places in South Africa and has beautiful scenic views and even has penguins! What are you waiting for!?

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. It’s a great spot for partying on a budget with comparatively cheap clubs, restaurants, and drinks.

Palawan has some of the most diverse aquatic life in it’s any beautiful lagoons. Less of a party destination and more of a place to chill out and go snorkeling and exploring caves. An alternative to Boracay Island in the Philippines.

With the Australian dollar falling in comparison to the US dollar, it has become a much more affordable destination compared to previous years. With more people clamoring to go there, prices have fallen even lower in hotels and restaurants. Burleigh Heights, in particular, is a great spot as it has beaches, national parks and a rich beer and coffee heritage to indulge in. With it being sunny 300 days of the year you can go in the off season and enjoy yourself even more!

With affordable eating and accommodation, while being one of the oldest cities in Europe dating back to 300 BC, Porto is a great tourist location. 12th-century churches and chapels can be found alongside coffee houses and hippy bars. Great place for the old and young.

Tobago is not the destination travelers to the Caribbean usually go to but it has everything you would desire in beautiful beaches, to nice and affordable restaurants to amazing diving locations.

Trencin is a pretty little town in Slovakia shadowed by a huge castle! An off-the-beaten path location in Europe which will cost you a lot less.

Due to Egypt facing some political unrest the hotels and restaurants have dropped their prices so you can enjoy luxurious hotels at a much better value than you could have before. Now is the time to travel to Cairo!

Bolivia really is a beautiful country and is much less a tourist spot than it should be. It is a cheap, fun and well worth the trip especially if you’re a lover of great looking locations. Salar de Uyuni is home to salt flats which look like a huge mirror when it’s rained. It’s a view to behold at least once in your life.

The only location on this list that is in the US, Moab is in Southern Utah which has many landmarks such as the Arches, the Canyonlands and the Dead Horse Point. Get an RV to travel around the beautiful rocky countryside and to cut on costs even more, get an annual pass for national parks.

Antigua is a prime location to visit if you want a Central American vacation with heaps of culture. The Semana Santa here, is the world’s largest Easter celebration. To feel a bit safer in Guatemala consider renting a house or apartment in a gated community.

With Transylvanian Alps and both Eastern and Western European heritage this a great spot for tourists!

Although Hopkins isn’t that cheap, it is a lot cheaper than the beaches of Florida. It’s Caribbean beach paradise.

The high altitudes of Honduras provide cool winds, mountainous landscapes and some of the best Mayan ruins.

Georgia is hardly ever on anyone’s travel destinations, but Tbilisi is a beautifully preserved city with great medieval style architecture.

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