16 Cats That Wiggled Themselves Into Things Way Too Small


One of life’s greatest mysteries is how beings, made of solid matter – like cats – can squeeze into seemingly impossible places. What do they do, twitch their noses like Tabitha, vaporize into a cloud and then reassemble somewhere else? Given that ability, most of us would choose to end up somewhere other than in a cardboard box or glass jar. But cats have their own ways of doing things.

If you look down below, you’ll find yourself howling in laughter at some of these cats and the silly predicaments they’ve managed to get into. While many of them look like they’re exactly where they want to be, others … well, they probably needed a human assist and deep tissue massage afterward.

1. Can you turn me around so I can see the TV?

2. Hello there, hooman.

3. He thought it was a snake and tried to attack.

4. A room with a view.

5. Awww, this is too cute for words!

6. Cat loaf!

7. Ooooh, gimme some of that body heat!

8. Like I said, cats have their own way of doing things.

9. Just go ahead and toss those fish heads over here when you’re done. I’ll take care of the disposal.

10. This looks like a Christmas card.

11. Sorry, you’ll have to get another measuring cup. Do Not Disturb.

12. Now this is what I call a cat bed!

13. She just wanted to play with all the shredded paper!

14. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he doesn’t look happy, does he?

15. How? Better yet, Why?

Cats have a well-known knack for squeezing themselves into seemingly impossibly small spaces.

16. Hahaha! Peek a boo!

17. A bigger and much more content cat loaf.

18. I have to get out?

19. An inconspicuous observer …

20. I’ve never met a cat that didn’t just loooove cardboard boxes.

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